Natspolitsiya declared wanted by the former business partner Kolomoisky, who now is suing him for $500 million

Нацполиция объявила в розыск бывшего бизнес-партнера Коломойского, который теперь судится с ним за $500 млн

The national police of Ukraine reported on suspicion and declared wanted by businessman Vadim Shulman, the former business partner Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov. This is evidenced by the data in the database of wanted persons of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Shulman is suspected of money laundering and other property obtained by criminal means (part 3 of article 209 of the Criminal code of Ukraine).

The businessman was reported missing on July 26. The measure of restraint for him not elected.

In 2017 Shulman sued in England and the United States against Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov demanding payment of $500 million that was allegedly stolen by them, since 2000. Bogolyubov was able to avoid trial.

Shulman claims that Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov used the fifteen years of friendship with him for cheating in a variety of transactions, including multimillion-dollar personal loans fraud settlements between the companies of the group “Privat” and the sale of assets of Evraz group Roman Abramovich in 2007.

In the trial described the course of certain transactions of the group “Privat” in the late 1990-ies till 2016. Reference is made to the names of former Prime Minister and leader of the party “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko, an oligarch Roman Abramovich and Viktor Medvedchuk. The lawsuit also describes the schema using “PrivatBank”.

According to Kyiv Post, Vadim Shulman in the early 1990-ies otvechala the supply of coal from the Donetsk region to the Dnieper and met with Igor Kolomoisky in 1999 through a businessman Dmitry Mishalov associated with “Private”. According to the businessman, they also had business and friendly relations.

Shulman in recent years has moved the bulk of their activities from Ukraine to the United States. He owns a company in San Diego called Pathway Genomics, which develops mobile applications, reports

and reminds us that Kolomoisky not hide his positive attitude to interior Minister Avakov, as repeatedly said publicly.

Vadim Shulman headed the Supervisory Board of several coking plants owned by the Privat group (in 2008 they were sold to the Evraz group). Is the co-founder of LLC Eneco. In 2006 he became the owner of the company TeleSystems of Ukraine, under which the market was entered by the first Ukrainian 3G operator connection – PEOPLEnet. In 2007, Schulman has acquired Dnepropetrovsk operator CDMA communication CST-Invest. Is the honorary President of the tennis Federation of Ukraine.