Natural juices and carbonated beverages are dangerous for life

Натуральные соки и газированные напитки опасны для жизни

Danger of consumption of natural juices and carbonated beverages have revealed the French doctors. They claim that drinking juices or drinks daily, a person can face with the development of cancer.

The study, published on the website of the British Medical Journal, noted that one hundred percent fruit juice, as well as the drinks contain large amounts of sugar, which can lead to diseases such as diabetes, overweight and obesity. Also, experts did not rule out an increased risk of cancer.

Scientists led experiments, which involved citizens in the age of 50 years. The subjects answered the questions, which related to diet, hereditary diseases and the harmful habits.

Scientists managed to establish that sugary drinks and juices, which were previously regarded as “healthy alternative”, causing hypertension, diabetes and overweight.

Later, doctors found that daily consumption of one hundred percent fruit juice increases the risk of developing cancer by 18%.

Currently, scientists figure out the relationship between the consumption of sugary drinks with risk of cancer.