Nature: preferences in the choice of Pets is determined by genetics

Nature: предпочтения в выборе домашних питомцев определяются генетикой

As it turned out, even our choice of pet is influenced by genes. The journal Nature wrote that science for the first time found evidence of such influence.

Why some people love cats, others dogs, and anyone crazy about pigeons? Scientists have found the explanation of those preferences that make people select as Pets those or other animals.

According to Nature, an international group of scientists from Sweden and the UK involved in the project 35 thousand pairs of Swedish twins. Of them over 16 years old were monitored. It turned out that genetically identical identical twins had the same animal, whereas among fraternal twins, and among siblings who were not twins, similar to the similarity in preference of the animals was observed.

The researchers concluded that “the attachment to a particular animal is determined by genetics,” but they have yet to establish which genes determine podlubny the choices often seem random emotional outburst. In addition, experts wonder how the love of cats and dogs may be associated with allergic reactions to their hair.