Nazarov and Zozulya: two friends, which for 4 years has not earned “Kyiv Smart City”

Назаров и Зозуля: два друга, из-за которых за 4 года так и не заработал «Кyiv Smart City»

Officials from team Klitschko, Yuri Nazarov is accused of embezzling 500 million budgetary hryvnias on useless surveillance in schools

Constant queues at the ticket offices of the subway, angry people, cashier, who are trying to “sell” the card “Kyiv Smart City”, which is still not fully earned. But the idea of creating a “Smart City Kyiv” Klitschko announced in 2015. For four years, was not one to launch a new city to build.

Who is our beloved boxer is responsible for this “smart city”?

Meet Yuri Nazarov. This is the character that the Director of the Department of information and communication technologies Kiev city state administration – is responsible for implementing the same single smart card for metro, tram and buses with trolleybuses.

In the Internet you can find a lot of information about how the Nazarov is working on so important for the capital project, stupidly “pulled” out the money.

In particular, Nazarov accused of embezzling 500 million budgetary hryvnias on useless surveillance in schools.

However, I wonder why law enforcement agencies – and that the Prosecutor’s office and the NEB, and the SBU, and Netpolice finally condoned leprosy of this young official. But it turned out that there Nazarov everything is under control: he is very friendly with Yury Zozulya – President of the Ukrainian national Federation of wakeboarding and waterskiing. And not just friends, but right here like a man. Along with Zozulya Nazarov loves to “hang out” in expensive night clubs, closed to outsiders, special rooms in restaurants, with girls and alcohol. The main advantage of Yuri Zozulya is that he is a member of the fan club of Klitschko.

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