NBU approved the first decisions on the licensing of non-Bank financial institutions

НБУ утвердил первые решения по лицензированию небанковских финучреждений

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) as the regulator of markets non-Bank financial services has taken a number of decisions in the sphere of registration and licensing of non-Bank financial institutions.

As the press service of the regulator on 30 July, the newly created Committee on supervision and regulation of markets non-Bank financial services the meeting considered applications from financial institutions and took the following decisions:

Short and to the point Telegram

the inclusion IN the “Lombard record” in the state register of financial institutions (GRFU) and the issuance of the certificate of registration of a financial institution;

about the exception “FC” Frank point “and” FC “Confidence and guarantee” of GRFU and cancellation of the certificate on registration of financial institutions;

cancellation of all licenses on the provision of financial services, with the exception of GRFW and cancellation of the certificate on registration of financial institution: LLC “Factoring technology”; IN “Lombard-Danko”; “FC” Yu Capital”, FOR “Lombard “Shooter” Abarykov and company”; COP “Lviv”;

NBU approved a new procedure of financial monitoring for non-Bank financial institutions

cancellation of all licenses on the provision of financial services and removal from the Register of persons who are not financial institutions but have the right to provide individual financial services, and cancellation of certificates of registration of the legal entity LLC “ILC “Renta”; OOO “Prime Capital”;

cancellation of all licenses on the provision of financial services such non-Bank institutions: OOO “LK” FA-Star ” OOO “Financial and credit organization”; – LLC “Financial group “Seagull”;

revoke the license for providing financial services, namely the provision of guarantees and sureties of such non-Bank financial institutions: “FC “Aurora And”; “FC “energy kepitel”; “FC “interlizing” OOO “factor of the Case”; “FC “omega Group”; “FC “of Finwe; “FC “is Fanwork”; – LLC “FK “Finddialog”; “FC “is Finaal”; – LLC “FK ” Finalform”;

on registration of amendments and/or registration in the new edition of the rules of voluntary insurance:

– financial risks of the PJSC “Ukrainian agro-insurance company”;

– ground transport (except railway) PJSC “Ukrainian agro-insurance company”;

– accidents of PRJSC “Ukrainian agro-insurance company”;

– financial risks JSC “Express Insurance”;

– issued guarantees (sureties) and accepted guarantees of JSC “ask” Ingo”;

– land transport (except rail), ALC IC “Credo”;

– financial risks JSC “IC “point”;

– property (other than railway, land, air, water transport (marine internal and other types of water transport), cargo and baggage (cargo-Luggage), agricultural products) PJSC “UJSIC ASKA”;

– agricultural products of PJSC “UJSIC ASKA”;

The NBU explained how will be the flow of documents between the national Bank and financial companies

about approval of the acquisition of a substantial participation: JSC “Montale”, in the interests and at the expense of which operates LLC “AMC” Investment partners” in the LLC “Capitalists “.

It also adopted a number of decisions on refusal of consent to acquisition of significant participation in financial institutions.

As previously reported, the national Bank of Ukraine published a White paper “the Future regulation of the lending financial companies.”

This decision was one of the requirements of the International monetary Fund. Its purpose is to improve regulation in the financial services industry by eliminating one of the regulators, the financial services Commission.