NBU before the long weekend reduced the official dollar exchange rate

НБУ перед длинными выходными снизил официальный курс доллара

The dollar fell another 9 cents

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU), 9 June 2020 has set the official rate at the level 26,60 hryvnia per dollar. Course 4 cents lower compared to the previous banking day.

This is evidenced by data on the regulator’s website.

The official exchange rate of hryvnia to the dollar on June 9 set at this level: 26,6005 hryvnias for 1 dollar (-0,0948 UAH). The dollar exchange rate on June 5, is 26,6953 hryvnia for 1 dollar.

The screenshot (bank.gov.ua)

Recall that in this year’s Trinity falls on June 7 (Sunday). According to the law, the day off is transferred to Monday, 8 June. Thus, the output will be three days in a row – from 6 to 8 June. The banking system these days will not work. Interbank market

The dollar on the interbank market as of 10:30 5 June 2020 in sales compared with the close of the previous session decreased by 6 cents to 26.62 hryvnia per dollar, the exchange rate in purchasing – 26,60 hryvnia per dollar. The Euro is up 17 cents to 30,22 hryvnia for one Euro.

Taking into account trading on the interbank market the national Bank has set June 5, reference rate 26,60 USD/dollar, decreasing it in comparison with June 4 (was 26.70 UAH). Cash market

In exchange offices of Ukraine today, June 5, 2020 at 12:00 in dollar sales compared with the previous one working day down 6 cents to 26.77 per dollar. The Euro rose by 30 kopecks to 30.26 hryvnia for one Euro.

In the cash market the average rate for the dollar is 26.53 (26,61 – 4 June), sales – 26,77 (representation is at 26.83 – June 4) UAH per dollar. The average rate of buying euros is 29,69 (of 29.53 – 4 June), sales – 30,26 (of 29.96 – June 4) UAH per Euro. The average purchase rate of the ruble makes 3.41 (3,40 – 4 June), sales of 3.88 (3.89 a – 4 June) UAH for 10 rubles.

НБУ перед длинными выходными снизил официальный курс доллара

НБУ перед длинными выходными снизил официальный курс доллара