NBU fined Industrialbank

НБУ оштрафовал Индустриалбанк

The national Bank of Ukraine in June imposed a fine on the JSCB “Industrialbank” in the amount of 6.85 million UAH for the implementation of risky activities in the field of financial monitoring, involving the operations transfer 906 million UAH three customers of the Bank to accounts in other banks for the period from 31 October 2017 14 June 2018.

“The nature and consequences of these financial transactions suggests that they may be related, in particular, with the legalization of criminal proceeds, conversion (transfer) of non-cash assets into cash”, – stated in the message of the regulator on its website.

NBU indicates that in the future these funds by means of collection of these banks delivered cash in the units specified clients, in particular, for loans, though official sources have information that such subdivisions at the time of the conclusion of contracts for collection services did not exist.

The Central Bank said that the funds were received by customers Industrialbank from other legal entities primarily as a cession or as a securities settlement for OTC transactions without complying with the principle “delivery against payment” at a price that is up to 36 times higher than the nominal value.

In addition to the credits granted to natural persons at the expense of these funds were not repaid and not maintained, adds to the NBU.

He also notes that Industrialbank has not implemented measures to obtain detailed information about the above customers and the fact these financial transactions.

“In addition, in relation to the participants of the mentioned operations there are signs of fictitiousness”, – stated in the message controller.

Industrialbank was founded in 1990. In December 2017 was merged with the Express Bank.

According to NBU data, on January 1, 2019, by size of total assets (5,519 billion) Industrialbank has occupied 26-e a place among 77 operating in the country banks.