NBU is alarmed by the excessive dollarization of the national economy

НБУ встревожен чрезмерной долларизацией национальной экономики

The national Bank of Ukraine believes that at the present time, the dollarization of the national economy is excessive. The regulator believes that this rate should be reduced at least 2 times, according to Newsmir.info.

Dmitry Sologub announced in a meeting with representatives of the business community that at the present time, the dollarization of the Ukrainian economy is at 42-43 percent. According to Deputy Chairman of the NBU, it is too high. So the regulator is going to reduce it at least in 2 times – up to 20 percent.

This indicator in the national Bank feel natural to current realities. 20% dollarization of the national economy – this is the level that corresponds to the needs of the use of foreign currency, in both population and domestic business. To reduce the dollarization of the economy in the National Bank are collected through the implementation of the policy of inflation targeting. Another highly effective instrument – weighted macroprudential policy. Simultaneously, the regulator plans to develop the Ukrainian financial sector and enhance confidence in the national currency. Earlier, the NBU said that the Ukrainian citizens again trust banks and believe in the hryvnia.