NBU punished Megabank 6 million fine

НБУ наказал Мегабанк 6-миллионным штрафом

The national Bank continues to punish financial institutions for risky activities. Bank Land Capital yet escaped with only a warning, while Megabank regulator fined in the amount of 6,2 million UAH, reports Newsmir.info.

The national Bank of Ukraine continues to closely monitor financial activity in the country. Another punishment from the regulator came after inspections aimed at preventing the laundering of illegal. One of the outcomes of the audits was a warning received by the Bureau of Land Capital. The national Bank has notified the financial institution about the number of recorded violations, including ignoring the requirement to verify customers, and the lack of assurance of detection of finoperatsy to be monitored in the prescribed manner.

However, Megabank received a more severe punishment. The regulator fined the financial institution 6.2 million. In the NBU noted that the offending Bank was recorded transactions for the cash disbursement group of individuals in the total volume of 211.8 million. The regulator argued that the nature of the operations leads to the suspicion in conducting cash.