NBU puts up for sale a valid business centre in Odessa

НБУ выставляет на торги действующий бизнес-центр в Одессе

Building a modern business center in the heart of Odessa, the mortgagee of which is the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU), will be put up?? up for auction.

As the press service of the NBU, at the time of PJSC “IMEXBANK” gave this object in the mortgage to the National Bank as security for the performance of its obligations under the stabilization provided by the loan.

In early 2019 the business center was burdened with long term contracts, however, PJSC “IMEXBANK” and the national Bank in court in June 2019 received the final decision of the Supreme Court declaring them invalid.

The most important Telegram

Thus, the new owner of the business center will be able to freely dispose of the acquired property and to establish relationships with new tenants on the market conditions. According to the chief of Department on work with troubled assets of the NBU Paul Polarusa, employees of the national Bank has recently conducted a working meeting with representatives of well-known investment companies and saw the interest of investors in the acquisition of this property.

The former office of the Bank “Kyivska Rus” “to be auctioned”

Polyarush said that today negotiations are underway with a guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl) to attract to the sale of this property of legal entities that provide comprehensive services for the preparation and organization of open bidding.

“We plan that after completion of all formal procedures the object is to be sold at the market price, then the proceeds will be used to repay the debt of PJSC “IMEXBANK” stabilization loan”, – told Polyarush.

The business center, located at Gagarina Avenue, 12A, commissioned in 2004, it has 16 floors and its total area is 12 thousand square meters of 101.4. In the building of the business center are as conventional office space and premises of VIP-class, conference hall, restaurant, store, and nearby surface Parking and a Park with landscape design.

The conditions of implementation of the property transferred to the banks, in which liquidation procedures in the provision of the National Bank, says the DGF. For its part, the NBU a secured creditor negotiates the realization of such assets.

Recall IMEXBANK was classified as insolvent on the basis of resolution of Board of National Bank of Ukraine from 26 January 2015. At the beginning of 2017 the Bank’s depositors received 4.16 billion UAH in the framework of the payment of the guaranteed amount of compensation.