NBU recognized Denis Gorbunenko the actual controller of the Bank “Sich”

НБУ признал Дениса Горбуненко фактическим контролером банка "Сич"

The opaque ownership structure Bank threatens liquidation.

The national Bank of Ukraine recognized the decisive influence of Denis Gorbunenko on the activities of JSC “Bank Sich” and recognized him as the owner of a substantial participation in the Bank regardless of formal ownership.

The corresponding decision on 30 October, adopted the Committee on supervision and regulation of banking activities, supervision (oversight) of payment systems, the press service of the NBU.

“Denis Gorbunenko not formally owns the shares of the Bank, however, have reasonable grounds to believe that it has the ability to exercise decisive influence on its management and operation. A decisive influence on the Bank is the ability to influence the composition of the management bodies of the Bank and determination of its main activities,” – said in the national Bank.

Contrary to the requirements of the legislation of Denis Gorbunenko has not submitted to the national Bank a package of documents for approval of acquisition of significant interest in the manner prescribed by law. In this regard, the national Bank has exercised its right to recognize the face of the owner of a substantial participation in the Bank regardless of the filing by such person of notice of the intention to acquire a significant participation in it. “Ownership of the essential participation in a Bank without obtaining the consent of the National Bank is not allowed”, – said the NBU.

The presence in the ownership structure of the Bank persons having significant participation, however, hasn’t received the approval of the National Bank, can be the basis for the further application of sanctions. If violations are not eliminated, the ownership structure of the Bank may be declared by the National Bank opaque, warned the NBU.

“The opaque ownership structure is the basis for the problem status, which may lead to insolvency and liquidation of the Bank”, – stated in the message.

The actual shareholders of the Bank “Sich” are Oleg soup with a share 55,615% of the shares, Valery Razmorojenny – 31,016%, Andrew Miller – 9,6257% and Oleg Gubanov from 3,7433% of the shares.

Denis Gorbunenko in 2004-2009 he was Chairman of the Board of “Rodovid Bank”.

The Bank “s & m” was founded in 2011.

According to the national Bank of Ukraine, July 1, 2019, by size of total assets, the Bank “Sich” has occupied 60-e a place (0,950 billion UAH) among 76 in force in the country.