NBU through the court returned almost a billion hryvnias of debt on the credit in the Delta Bank

НБУ через суд вернул почти миллиард гривен задолженности по кредиту Дельта Банка

The national Bank has made a court repayment for 924 million UAH for refinancing loan Delta Bank, provided more in 2014. About it reported in a press-service of the regulator.

The repayment was due to the recovery transferred to Delta Bank, National Bank of collateral bonds of the State mortgage institution.

In a court dispute with the National Bank about the foreclosure of the pledged securities was considered from April 2017, as a whole held more than 20 meetings on this issue.

“November 11, 2019 North commercial court of appeals decided, in pursuance of which he took the repayment in full of the debt in one refinancing loans, provided by Delta Bank on 12 September 2014,” – notes the regulator.

November 11, the court approved a settlement agreement between the national Bank (in the person of the Chairman of the NBU Yakov Smoliy), Delta Bank (in the person of the liquidator Vladislav Kadyrov) and UGB (represented by the Chairman of the Board Kirill Shevchenko), which was signed at the stage of appeal.

The Deposit national Bank were the bonds of the State mortgage institution to 1,239 billion, while the Bank debt to the NBU for a particular loan contract were 924,22 million. The parties agreed that the Bank will receive exactly 924,22 million UAH, and the remainder of the securities will be unblocked in the interests of Delta Bank. Securities were in the account of the UGB.

As a result of the debt refinancing, subject to dissolution of the reserves for expected credit losses in the amount of UAH 922,24, in the amount of the main debt and accrued interest.

The head of Department on work with troubled assets of Pavel Polyarush noted that the national Bank became the full owner of the bonds and acquired the right to receive funds from redemption of securities to be held November 18, 2020 and the coupon income on them.

“In General, we expect to receive from the State mortgage institution funds in the amount of 1,072 billion UAH”, – he said.

The guarantee Fund let the hammer’s biggest mortgage pool Delta Bank

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As you know, in October 2016, the Kyiv court of Appeals ordered the former owner of Delta Bank Nikolay Laguna to repay the debt to the state Oschadbank at the amount of 4.2 billion UAH. According to this decision, Lagoons, as a guarantor on outstanding obligations of the Bank under the contracts on opening and maintaining correspondent accounts, had to repay debt to Oschadbank in the amount of 948 million UAH 111.8 million dollars and 12,45 million Euro (according to official rate of NBU on 5 October, in total – UAH 4.2 bn).