Near Cherkasy celebration in café serving guests ended with mass poisoning

Под Черкассами празднование в кафе для гостей завершилось массовым отравлением

In Cherkasy region 12 people, including 3 children with the preliminary diagnosis “sharp food poisoning, moderate severity” were hospitalized during June 23-24 in Rachkovskyy Central district hospital.

This was reported in the office of the state supervision over observance of sanitary legislation head Department of Derepressible in Cherkasy region, reports UNN.

The group was a disease with signs of acute intestinal infection in the daily life of residents of the village of Buzivka Zhashkiv district.

In the course of sanitary-epidemiological investigation revealed that the victims 22.06.2019 participated in the birthday celebration in the cafe “Central” PE Kravchenko A. A. S. in Buzivka Zhashkiv district. Just rested there for 35 people.

Experts Gospodarevskaya region held an unscheduled inspection of the said institution, with sampling of drinking water, meals, hygiene swabs for laboratory studies.

The audit revealed gross violations of sanitary legislation, legislation in the field of food safety. In particular, the institution is not registered as power market operator, there is no necessary production facilities, there are no conditions for observance of technology of preparation and storage of ready meals, washing dishes and kitchen utensils, personal hygiene of staff, disinfectant, the object is not connected to the water supply and Sewerage systems, poor sanitary condition of industrial premises, refrigeration and technological equipment, inventory, failed prophylactic medical examination, hygienic training of personnel, there are no relevant documents for raw materials, food products etc.

According to the results of the audit to the address the owner sent the notice on elimination of violations, the Protocol on proceedings in the field of security and selected indicators of food quality.

At the suggestion of Gospodarevskaya Zhashkiv district entity temporarily suspended operation of food service establishments prior to the completion of sanitary-epidemiological investigation of an outbreak.

About group disease reported in Jaskowski police Department Uman police Department of the Main Directorate of the National police in Cherkasy region, the local authorities initiated a meeting of the local Commission on questions TEB and emergency of Zhashkiv district administration.

The complex of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures are continuing. The situation is on control of head Department of Gospodarevskaya in Cherkasy region.

As previously reported, in Rubizhne the hospital more than a week after the poisoning remained hospitalized 13 children.