Near Cherkasy detained criminals that were stealing diesel fuel from trains

Под Черкассами задержали преступников, которые воровали дизтопливо с поездов

Cherkasy police have detained criminal group which was stealing diesel fuel from the trains on a large scale, and then sold it. About it reported in a press-service of the Channel region.

It is known that the police received a number of reports that in some areas of the region is unknown to commit a theft of diesel fuel from trains.

Later we found out that the kidnapping of diesel fuel involved in the group earlier judged inhabitants of the city are Brave. They for long time have made the theft of diesel fuel from trains on the territory of Cherkasy and Smila districts.

The stolen diesel oil they kept at the place of residence, as well as on-site leased warehouse space, where they also organized an underground gas station selling diesel fuel.

“Once the necessary evidence base, investigators conducted a series of authorized searches, which seized about six tons of diesel fuel, hoses, pumps, nozzles, and vehicles used by criminals in the Commission of criminal offences”, – told the police.

Police officers carried out investigative actions in the criminal proceedings opened under part 3 of article 185 (theft) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. They must establish full circle of persons, involved in Commission of this criminal offense.