Near Kaliningrad have extracted an amber nugget “Hippocrates”

Под Калининградом добыли уникальный янтарный самородок "Гиппократ"

Career “Kaliningrad amber factory” produced a nugget weighing 1 098 grams. It was named in honor of the upcoming medical workers ‘ Day (June 21) “Hippocrates”.

“Unique amber mined “the Kaliningrad amber plant”. The weight of the stone was 1 098 grams. It has a heterogeneous, ribbed surface. In honor of the Day of medical worker, which Russia will celebrate on June 21, the nugget was named “Hippocrates” – said TASS in the press service of the plant. Hippocrates is known as the author of the first written mention of the therapeutic properties of amber and its application in medicine. Today, succinic acid is used as a means of improving metabolism and energy supply of tissues.

Unique call nuggets that weigh over a kilogram. Since the beginning of the season of production of “Hippocrates” became the fifth in this stone, discovered in the seaside quarry plant. The first heavyweight this year was a “Winner” resembling a crown.