Near Kiev, a revolt is brewing because of the deadly beating of a young man: the majors on the loose

Под Киевом зреет бунт из-за смертельного избиения молодого парня: мажоры на свободе

In Borodyanka, Kyiv region, the people demand to punish the guilty in the death of 34-year-old Nicholas Ovdienko, who on Trinity Sunday, 7 June, beat at the disco. A month later the guy died.

Caused by head blows were incompatible with life. Although eyewitnesses say that the man beaten by the crowd, the police have only one suspect – 19-year-old boxer Yan from the village next door. But even so, no one involved in the death of the guy isn’t detained.

Other probable participants of beating are not looking. In the village there are rumors that witnesses are intimidated, and his mother who died in police hinted that Nicholas himself fell, hit, like, who doesn’t, write Vesti. In addition, to beating may be involved in the local major – the children of businessmen. They boxers are pupils peskovskoe sports centre.

The network has recently released the names of the guys. Is Jan Moose, Anton Semenov, Alexei Petrenko and Vitaliy Atamanchuk.

July 11, residents of Borodyanka came under the district administration with the protests. They demanded fair investigation into the death of man. Andrew Nabatov, head of the Kyiv police arrived at the rally and assured that law enforcement officers are working and then not come down.

Interestingly, the local night club “the pride”, where the tragedy occurred, is located near the police station. But law enforcement authorities do not react to the fights that happen there often.

Nicholas was severely beaten in the night of 7 to 8 June. In the evening he came to the club with friend David Amburana.

“We came together with Nicholas there for the first time. Already there for us at the table hooked familiar. The conflict began on the dance floor and not even with Nikolai and Anton Prokopton (friends of Nicholas). One of the Peskovskaya boxers, as it turned out, it was Ian, instead of dancing staged “fight with shadow”. Practiced strokes in front of the dancing people. Anton made a remark to him, and he immediately pounced on him,” said David.

Boxer Jan knocked Anton down, and then with ran out into the street. While David brought Anton to life, Nicholas and his friend went outside for boxers. Then someone shouted that Kolya beat.

When David came outside, saw Nicholas lying with a bloody head, one of his buddies ran five or six people, the other is also beaten. David also lashed out and struck something head-on.

As it turned out with cameras next to the club was a crowd from the neighboring village Babyntsi, who joined in the beating of Nicholas ovdiyenko and his buddies.

“Ian gave evidence and said that he had slapped Kolya and ran away. But the record clearly shows that lying gets ran barlineckie. I talked about this with the police, but they told me: if you have not seen with your own eyes, then shut up… the Police babiacki’t even looking for. They have one suspect, and all they lack,” says David.

Mom Nicholas said that they have already achieved the transfer of the case from Borodyanka in Kyiv and don’t intend to stop.

“There is a witness who is willing to tell how he gave the same story, but told him to change them. Witnesses of the fight have told that the beating was more, but the police did that so there was only one suspect, so it was like an accident,” says the woman.

In addition, she tactfully tried to hint that nick allegedly fell. But the woman does not believe the surgeon told her they had never seen such mutilated head. One of such injuries.

When the ambulance arrived, nick was awake. But Tuesday and Wednesday (the beating occurred from Sunday to Monday) lost consciousness. The operation lasted 8 hours, but the guy is still in a coma, and a month later – July 7 – died.

Под Киевом зреет бунт из-за смертельного избиения молодого парня: мажоры на свободе

Под Киевом зреет бунт из-за смертельного избиения молодого парня: мажоры на свободе

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