Near Kiev Opel has faced “Gazelle”, a girl died

Под Киевом Opel столкнулся с "Газелью", погибла девушка

Monday, January 13, in Kiev oblast, near the town of Brovary happened fatal accidents. The Opel skidded and flew into the oncoming lane, where it collided with a cargo “Gazelle”. As a result of the accident killed the passenger of the car. About it reports “Informant”.

According to preliminary information, the Opel skidded on a slippery road, and carried Hughes into the oncoming lane, where driving a cargo “Gazelle”. The impact was on the passenger side, where he sat, 25-year-old passenger. Rescuers pulled her from the salon and handed over to the medics, but to revive the victim failed – she died on the spot.

For the other participants of the accident without severe injuries. The details of the incident the police.