Near Kyiv city hall gathered hundreds of protesters

Возле киевской мэрии собрались сотни протестующих

The deceived investors of the burst Bank arcade require the mayor to implement the decision of the court.

Defrauded investors on Monday, July 6, hold a protest near the Kyiv city state administration with the requirement to finish the house in which they bought apartments by prepayment via Bank arcade.

They hold flags and posters with inscriptions: “Unfinished Arcade – wine of power!”, “Klitschko! Carry out court decisions”. The protesters also written on the posters: “Mr. President, enough to dream and ignore us”, “Arkada – we gave the money – give me the apartment.”

On the stairs in front of city hall investors have placed layouts of unfinished buildings, and the children drew on the stairs in chalk of the house.

Further defrauded investors Bank arcade going to the office of the President where they want to establish a tent city.