Near Lviv three year old girl fell out of a window: the parents refused to come to the child to the hospital

Под Львовом трехлетняя девочка выпала из окна: родители отказались приходить к ребенку в больницу

A little girl fell from the balcony on the third floor in Lipovka, Lviv region, and the parents didn’t even come to the hospital. About it reports Today.

According to preliminary data, the neighbors found a three-year girl, at first they took her to the district hospital, and then to Lviv. Sofia’s father at this time was in the apartment. He was probably caring for the child, but was fast asleep. And mother was not at home.

Note that the baby is a few days in the hospital, and parents in three days never came. Toys and clothing she bring patients and doctors. The girl survived thanks to the fact that caught the laces on the second floor.

According to neighbors, the behavior of the girl’s mother for a long time they complained.

As it turned out, the family is registered as disadvantaged. And after the fall of Sophia from the balcony mom won’t bring her back. From the hospital child will take to the shelter.