Near Melitopol found the ritual temple complex “the Hand of the Queen” (photo)

Под Мелитополем нашли ритуальный храмовый комплекс «Рука Царицы» (фото)

Ritual-temple complex “Shu-nun” (which translated from Sumerian means literally “the hand of the Queen)” was found on the territory of Zaporizhzhya region. The inscription “Shu-nun”, which, according to scientists, is the name of the ancient sanctuary, was inscribed in large, up to one meter in height, marks on one of the plates of the Stone tomb.

So, on the territory of modern Ukraine is the oldest temple of the world. At least, this opinion defends a number of scientists for many years. This Stone grave is a mysterious complex in Zaporizhia steppe, which is considered the cradle of Ukrainian civilization hides many mysteries and answers that have yet to be read.

When scientists first looked under the stones of a huge hill in the middle of the steppe near Melitopol, and they were just shocked by the findings. The image on the plates is a whole archive of antiquity and the age of some of them could reach the Paleolithic era. Not just lines and drawings, but also original letters. It was probably the first written language on Earth. According to many researchers, it was here, in a Stone grave was written in an ancient alphabet, and then transferred to Egypt and other cultures.

Who created the Stone tomb?

In fact, the Stone Grave is not a grave. It is by the nature of the hill. And in the views of ancient people such stone mounds, mountains, in the form of burial mounds in the steppes was considered the graves of their ancestors. In ancient times there was even a religious cult mountain as a place where gods come. People went up the mountain to carry out a certain ritual, to worship a higher power.

Where in the Azov steppes took this unusual mountain with a fantastic shaped rocks, countless cavities, cracks and caves? The story is very interesting: more than twelve million years ago in the vastness of this land, and along with all of the nearer seas, sinelo great Sarmatian sea. The territory of Zaporizhzhya steppes was the shallow Sandstone. That is, a Sandstone outlier of the huge size will become the Foundation Stone of the grave. And then there is the Pontic sea with more recent limestone sediments. Once in the thickness of these limestones, as proof of the dominance here of the waters of ancient seas to find the whale tooth.

Sea change is a desert, and from it will flow Great-Milk river. (And it was so called because he was left on the body white as milk, a limestone plaque). The sun and the wind split our huge monolith on dozens of boards, of which will appear in caves and grottos.

According to another theory, the complex of Stone grave is a place of ancient extinct volcano, or a huge geyser. Fossilized for millions of years the sand began to form a cavity, which later became the grottoes.

Ukrainian Aratta and the ancient gods

Today recorded 65 such grottoes and caves in the Stone tomb, which occupies 3 ha of land. The cave of the Witch, the Goat cave, the cave of Mysteries, Dragon… On the top of the mountain is a stone with a small depression in the middle. It is an Altar, the Central place of the whole of the Stone tomb, the researchers say. It is here that energy is particularly strong. It is a territory of the ancient sanctuary.

Scythians, Sarmatians, Cimmerians, Goths, Huns, Pechenegs, Cumans and Khazars… Many peoples over the millennia have come here to worship their gods. And who were those who came here on a Stone grave, left the first traces on the walls of the eternal temple?

Deciphering the petroglyphs of the complex, known kifishin and linguist A. kifishin saw information about Aratta – predelava that existed, according to some scientists, is available on the territory of Ukraine. Very rich agricultural civilization had its own religion, mythology, and social hierarchy, their own army, even their strongholds. Mysterious, the world’s first, the state causes a lot of discussions. It is known that the land had religious and other ties with the Sumerians (4-3 Millennium BC), and according to some versions, is the birthplace of the same Sumerian Kingdom. The symbols on the stones of the Stone tomb portrayed the Sumerian gods Enlil, Ninlil, Escura (similar, by the way, in Slavic Lelia and Lelia). According to Kifisia, the writing Stone graves date back to pre-Sumerian period. And it’s just the beginning of the path on different continents, which led already to new world civilizations.

Drawings – the language of stones

In General, the Stone grave is a few thousand rare rock art images of different historical periods: from the late Paleolithic and Mesolithic to the middle ages. Gods, people, animals, ornaments, symbols (a very common Tree of life – symbol of fertility), the processes of hunting and religious rituals, dances and witchcraft… In the cave Fish, which was probably intended for the cult rituals associated with the fishing, the stone floor covered with geometric lines. Attracts the attention of a huge stone figure of a man-fish.

The researchers found in ancient images, even the story of the deluge, which has later appeared in the Sumerian legends and later on the pages of the Bible. The number of drawings is the first images of ancient myths. For example, the myth of the prehistoric man, such as recorded in Rigveda, much earlier than was depicted on the rocks of Ukrainian sights. So you can imagine how ancient is the image of a Stone tomb in Zaporizhia and what are the advantages of this system for the study of world culture.

The Museum of Stone grave

Caves with petroglyphs, which were under the open sky, the scientists decided to hide from prying eyes, retaining the historical evidence is firm. Therefore, the stone of the cave was covered with sand. But if you look closely at the blocks, you can still see some of the images carved on the stone.

Already in 1986, at the base of the Stone tomb was opened the historical-archeological Museum-reserve. It consists of exhibits dedicated to the life and culture of Ukrainians pre-Christian era. The weapons, utensils, sculpture. Here you can see many rock paintings that are, in fact, reflect the spirituality, the beliefs of the local inhabitants. It is interesting that sacred image that are the most common, are images of the God RA, the God-hero Indra, the dragon Vritra, “rain bull”, the Goddess of death Merger-Sugery.

Recently, the Museum opened an exhibition of ancient ware. On display visitors exhibited bowls and jugs which had probably been used more Cumans and Sarmatians. Lapidarium (exhibition of ancient stone sculptures) Museum is constantly being updated was found during the excavation of the objects. Last year, for example, found two megalithic complex.

In 2008, the “Stone Grave” got the status of National historical-archaeological reserve. There are often foreign researchers, tourists from abroad and from all over Ukraine. Still, the reserve deserves much greater public attention. It is really very unique monument that has survived to our days. Stone grave – a valuable relic, which Ukraine can be proud of before the world. Unfortunately, today it only claims on the official inclusion in the world heritage List of UNESCO.

For those who came in the way.

Location: Zaporizhia region, Melitopol district, village Mirny

GPS: 46°57’01.4″N 35°28’11.9″E

Contacts: (0619) 49-46-70, (0619) 43-70-37


Tips seasoned traveler

From the city of Melitopol bus rides special flight “Melitopol – Stone Grave” with a frequency of about 2 hours. Over the entrance to the reserve (which runs from 9 to 18 hours) you need to pay a nominal amount (about 15 UAH for adults). Scientists here conduct interesting excursions.

Под Мелитополем нашли ритуальный храмовый комплекс «Рука Царицы» (фото)

Под Мелитополем нашли ритуальный храмовый комплекс «Рука Царицы» (фото)