Near Odessa the child died after going on a picnic

Под Одессой ребенок умер после похода на пикник

In Odessa in the burn center at city clinical hospital № 10 on the evening of Tuesday, may 14 died, 11-year-old Victor Stoyanov, who received burns to 65% of his body while trying to kindle a fire at the picnic on may 9, write “Facts”.

“The boy was hospitalized in intensive care, – said the head of the charity Fund “Corporation of monsters” Katerina Nozhevnikova. – Vite was synthetic clothing, she quickly ignited…the boy’s father was putting him literally with his bare hands and he is now in the burn unit with severe burns…”.

The boy’s family lives in the village nerubayske belyaevskogo district of Odessa region. The incident occurred in nature. “I made a fire and roasted it on the barbecue, – said the Director of schools Eugene Lysak. – Attended by both adults and children. In particular, there was a father, and the brother of the victim. As far as I know, it happened almost instantly: the bounce from the fire a small burning piece of wood fell on her clothes Viti”.