Near Paris detained Chechens-racketeers

Под Парижем задержаны чеченцы-рэкетиры

During the RAID near Paris, police arrested 23 of the Chechen part of the group of racketeers. This was reported in the Sunday newspaper Le Figaro, without specifying the nationality of the detained Chechens.

The operation carried out by large forces of police in the city of Livry-Gargan (Seine-Saint-Denis northeast of Paris).

Gang uzumasa 200 euros with a cargo of trucks and buses, arriving in Paris from Eastern Europe (Moldova, Poland and Ukraine). Drivers who refused to pay were beaten. The criminals were collected up to 200 thousand euros “tax”. All the detainees were caught red-handed at a time when they received money from the drivers.

According to TASS, the group was headed by 40-year-old Chechen, who lived with his mistress in Livry-Gargan. Previously, he was known to police in connection with minor violations of the law.

Le Figaro newspaper also said that among the detainees were people that represent a threat to French security, the so-called fiche S. However, information about the fact that they may be associated with terrorist associations, to the present time.

This year police have dealt with three members of the local Chechen community in cases related to terrorism. May 12, 20-year-old Khamzat Asimov, who has French citizenship, was attacked with a knife at passersby in the center of the Paris Opera. As a result, one person was killed and five wounded. The terrorist was shot by police.

In September he was arrested 18-year-old Abdul-Malik A., which was part of an Islamist Chechen group based in Strasbourg and suspected of preparing a terrorist attack. A few days earlier in Montauban (South of the country) was arrested on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities 16-year-old Chechen.

The Russian Embassy in Paris responded to the media reports. As reported by RIA Novosti the representative office, diplomats check information about the detention of the Chechens.

According to the French office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons, the number of Russian refugees living in France, most of whom are Chechens, is about 15,000 people, reports the newspaper Le Point.

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