Near the building of the Moscow interior Ministry staged a knife fight: “I came for help and…”

Возле здания столичного МВД устроили поножовщину: «пришел за помощью и...»

Bloody stabbing occurred in the heart of the capital outside the interior Ministry

The result of the crime suffered 60-year-old man.

The tragedy happened in the British capital London on Thursday, August 15, about 13 hours local time. Near the interior Ministry building in Westminster to a passer-by was attacked by a man with a knife, reports the Daily Mail.

The victim was 60-year-old pensioner who independently came for help to the police and told them what happened.

The wounded man was covered in blood and held his stomach. That’s where he was stabbed with a knife a criminal. The man was immediately hospitalized in one of the London hospitals.

As told by witnesses of a crime with a knife wound inflicted by a young man with long hair gathered in a ponytail. He had a “long and pointy” knife and it was “messy” dressed.

The police managed to find and arrest the suspect in the stabbing. They found 29-year-old man. Its motives are.

As previously reported, in Kiev between the two companies in the restaurant there was a conflict, resulting in two men admitted to the hospital, the press service of the Metropolitan police.

The incident occurred in the Pechersk district, Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard.

Militiamen found out that the restaurant was resting a group of residents and other company, which consisted of foreigners. Between them there was a conflict, which then escalated into a fight. As a result, 30-year-old man received a cut wound of the head, and 27-year-old legs. Both victims – residents of the Ukrainian capital, they were hospitalized. The police inspected the scene and seized two kitchen knives and two forks.

Police detained three foreigners. Earlier to trial they were not involved. Two suspects were released under personal obligations, and 27-year-old man who had been stabbed, was given house arrest. In fact the incident a criminal case was initiated.

The sanction of article provides imprisonment for the term up to seven years. The details are being investigated.

We also wrote on the popular Odessa beach stabbed a student from Morocco. The tragic incident occurred on the Arcadia beach in Odessa. Unknown stabbed in the heart of a foreigner who died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

The deceased was a student of one of the Odessa universities. Militiamen brought criminal case.

Возле здания столичного МВД устроили поножовщину: «пришел за помощью и...»

Возле здания столичного МВД устроили поножовщину: «пришел за помощью и...»