Near the huge hole in the ground discovered a strange glowing objects

In the Spanish province of La Rioja is a strange hole in the ground. Reporters found that the “FR’s”, no one can really say exactly when and why it was formed.

As report “news of the planet”, the recent failure has attracted the attention of the media, who claim that near it has been repeatedly observed unidentified flying objects.

To date, no one has examined a hole that goes deep under the ground, but some experts believe that this cave is used as a base by aliens. To study the anomalous point they installed a special camera that is already on the first night recorded strange glowing orbs swirling above the entrance.

According to experts, it could be orbs and energy beings from another dimension. The human eye cannot see these objects, while the instrument is under power.

According to the publication, orbs most often appear about such failures. For example, they “have chosen” Cave of Swallows in Mexico. People who jump into such a hole and shoot it on video, often seen on the records of the mysterious lights.