Nearly 10 thousand policemen in Paris tightens security

Майже 10 тис. поліцейських: у Парижі посилюють заходи безпеки

In the city awaiting the arrival of delegations from 98 countries

In the French capital, Paris, in connection with the events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First world war, strengthened the protection of public order.

As stated by the Minister of internal Affairs of France Christophe Castaner, order in the streets of the French capital on November 10 and 11 will provide nearly 10 thousand policemen, informs DW.

In Paris awaiting the arrival of delegations from 98 countries. Their place of residence, as well as memorials of Paris, where there will be commemorative events will be cordoned off by the police.

In particular, such measures taken in the Orsay Museum, where on Saturday the President of France Emmanuel macron will hold a dinner with the participation of 72 heads of States and governments, as well as the Paris Philharmonic in the Northern part of the city – there will be a concert which will be attended by many foreign guests.

In addition, the police will ensure order during the demonstrations. So, in a coordinated action against the US President Donald trump, according to police, it is expected several thousand people. Law enforcement agencies take into account the possibility of unrest.