NEC releases swarthy and functional laser projector

NEC выпускает сверхтихий и функциональный лазерный проектор

NEC Display Solutions has announced a new model, adding to its family of noiseless laser projector, which provide high quality images and do not interfere with the productive conduct of the most important meetings.

NEC P605UL become the most quiet projector of the company, the noise of which in the mode “Eco” is only 19 dB. It’s quieter than the mechanical watches. Designed for larger screens and obtaining a bright image, projector P605UL has advanced visual features. It projects the image brightness 6000 ANSI lumens, ensuring perfect visibility even in brightly lit rooms.

In addition, the projector P605UL is virtually silent, it does not require maintenance in the process of operation due to hermetically sealed optical mechanism without a filter. This means that the lifetime of laser source is around 20,000 hours. P605UL really works on the principle of “set and forget”, it does not require any replacement lamps or filters. Moreover, in normal operation, the projector consumes only 357 watts of power, providing low operating costs throughout the service life.

Projector P605UL fully supports the modern technologies. For crisp, high-resolution images it is able to handle input 4K at 30 Hz, has complex connectivity and WUXGA to maximize picture quality. And all this without any interference from the noise.

The new projector is ideal for various applications – from business rooms, auditoriums and classrooms to large venues, information and advertising signs in stores. Projector P605UL also provides the option of Wi-Fi and built-in function MultiPresenter for wireless presentation and screen sharing. Furthermore, the projector falls under the risk Group 2 (Risk Group 2), which allows operators to save on installation because no additional precautions are required.

“Presentations require the attention of the audience, but the traditional projection equipment often interferes with concentration, – the Round Alistair (Alistair Round), product Manager of commercial display NEC Display Solutions Europe. – Traditionally, the audience had to sit in darkened rooms and hear the fan noise that interferes with the presentation. That’s why NEC developed the projection device of the latest generation so as to eliminate virtually all the noise. Last year we presented P525UL – the quietest laser projector in the world. Building on this success, the P605UL projector has more brightness, and low noise, providing the best color reproduction and image resolution. Thanks to the smooth operation through the use of innovative sealed optic mechanism, low power consumption and ease of control for “plug and play” projector P605UL is the perfect solution for presentations in any organization. To conduct large-scale presentations requiring clear resolution and without distracting the audience with fan noise, best projector not to find.”

New projector P605UL will go on sale at the end of July 2019.