Need employees. Who are you looking for Ukrainian employers in 2020

Нужны сотрудники. Кого ищут украинские работодатели в 2020 году

Employers are experiencing a shortage of personnel.

More than 70% of employers are willing to increase the salary to keep the employee in the position. 69% will offer a prize as an additional bonus, and 20% will give the opportunity to improve skills in additional courses.

This is evidenced by the survey data portal OLX Job. It was attended by more than 2,200 respondents involved in recruiting. Among them are hr specialists and recruiters, but the vast majority – almost 1 600, is business owners involved in shaping the strategy of searching for new employees.

The majority of respondents work in companies with fewer than 20 people – 62%. Acute shortage of personnel ispytyvayut 60% of respondents, but less worried about it those who work in the company with a staff of 1,000 people and above, as well as those who have it fewer than 20 employees.

Despite this, large companies are constantly searching for new people that indicated 66% of respondents, and organizations with more modest staff update their shots less.

According OLX Job, 15% of employers looking for office workers and more than 12% of engineers on production. Young professionals and students interested in the 11% of employers.

Often looking for the working staff – almost 36%, but finding them turned out to be the hardest.

Owners connect a difficulty that need highly specialized employees, but recruiters see a problem with low offered wages. Other reasons called to active labour migration, poor training, irresponsible and lazy candidates.

Employers in the first interview mainly pay attention to such characteristics as:

  • skills – pay attention to them, 52% of respondents;
  • personal qualities – 47%;
  • in third place is the presence of experience (38%).

Thus for owners is more important than first two criteria and less concerned with languages and compliance summary jobs. Only 9% of employers interested in the education level of the candidate.

Among the important soft skills indicated responsibility – 80% of respondents, the ability to learn quickly – 54% and accuracy – 38%. Only 17% of business owners stress stability is an important feature.

In turn, employers are willing to offer potential employees the formalization of 62%, 60%, promise the normalized graph, more than 36% provide paid vacation, and 31% paid sick leave.

Respondents overestimate the level of wages in the company – 41% believe the market, 25% – slightly above market and 18% high.

Bonuses from employers primarily offer cash bonuses – they are ready to give 74% of employers surveyed, refresher courses pay 22% of the respondents, mobile phones compensate for 21%.

Also met answers how a flexible schedule, holidays abroad, career growth.

Employers believe that wage increase is the best tool for employee retention on the post, exactly the answer given by 70% of respondents. More than half of them are willing to raise salaries by 10-20%.

In addition to the OLX platform Work, respondents are looking for employees:

  • on specialized sites – 44%;
  • on the recommendations of colleagues – 17%;
  • on the recommendations of friends, acquaintances, and 15%;
  • in social networks – 11%;
  • almost 6% of ads are placed in Newspapers, subways and at bus stops.

Нужны сотрудники. Кого ищут украинские работодатели в 2020 году