Nefedov announced the amendments to the law on lease of state property

Нефедов анонсировал внесение изменений в закон об аренде госимущества

The bill on amendments to the law “On lease of state property” can be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a few months, the forecasts of the first Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Maxim nefodov.

“The situation with state property that is leased, even worse than you think. In fact until now nobody knows what the state does is in the ownership of such property. Not only property belonging to the Central office, but also the property community property or state enterprises,” – said nefodov M. in interview to the edition “Mirror of week”, published Saturday.

According to him, due to the complicated procedures of the lease that provided by the current law of Ukraine “On lease of state property”, the objects of the state property is often leased at nominal cost. And in order to simplify the procedure, it is necessary to amend the law.

“We need to change the law “On lease of state property.” Now we write it along with SPF, which needs this law to submit to the government, and the government – in Parliament. Write hard,” he said.

However, according to Nefiodow, high-quality draft law can be prepared in a few months.

The first Deputy head of the Ministry advocates that all the process of transfer of the property to rent to send via e-ProZorro.Sale. So, each owner will enter the property in the registry ProZorro.Sale, by analogy with the already existing registry of small-scale privatization, and “after current leases end, will automatically be declared the new auctions” on the signing of new contracts.

“Everything seems to be simple. But not just any. Because of the SPF, of course, wants that information were made not directly, but through him. That is, if the Ministry of economic development and trade there are some objects that you can rent, and our proposal is simply to make these objects in the registry, and according to the state property Fund, the Ministry must submit the objects to the Foundation, and he will submit them to the registry” – said nefodov differences in the provisions of the future instrument.

Also, according to him, discussions are ongoing about how to prescribe in the bill the norm regarding the extension of previously concluded lease agreements.

“We agree that if someone is already in the room sitting, he has a priority right to renew the lease. But we want this extension also occurred on a competitive basis… Let it (the agreement – Ed.) extended further, but the price may already be a market, and competition is still needed. We are even willing to compromise and accept the fact that the first extension was non-competitive (for example, if we are talking about a short-term lease, let alone the tenant “discourage” the money invested in repairing the premises). Yet to a common opinion in these parts we came. But I hope that soon we will come to agreement, and our decision will be primarily to defend the interests of the state”, – has expressed hope of the Deputy Minister.

“We have already passed the second or third round of approvals. Until the last one. Because the version that’s now back in the Cabinet, is still far from ideal, and the document is once again sent back for revision. But I hope that in a few months, the draft law will go to Parliament. And then we will defend it in Parliament, because light its adoption will not” – said nefodov.

Note that in December 2018, the acting head of the state property Fund of Ukraine Vitaly Trebarov announced that his office has drafted a bill on new rules for lease of state property. “The Fund has developed a new law. All rentals will take place through electronic auctions, the process of transferring will be reduced, introduced a guarantee fee which is not returned to the winner to protect yourself from disrupting auctions of unfair participants,” wrote Trebarov on his page on the social network Facebook.