Nefodov told how the new custom will to fight smuggling

Нефьодов рассказал, как новая таможня будет бороться с контрабандой

In the coming years, the State customs service (GTS) will focus on the mail, container and automobile transportations on the Western border. The head of the CTA Maxim nefodov said at a meeting with business leaders in the chamber of Commerce, the press service of the chamber of Commerce.

“Contraband flows are interchangeable. Shut down the border – they moved to another. Or mail moved in vans or buses in the cargo or of the cargo back to the post office. Need to work in all directions, gradually compressing and reducing the capacity of these grey, black channels,” – said nefodov.

He noted that special attention will be paid to cross-border movement of cars.

“By auto, there is no single magic recipe, but if we make an e-office for declarant-individuals with simplified access and, probably, without participation of a customs broker; if we are going to publish average prices for which custom restomotive similar cars; if we make a normal system of processing customs declarations without any manual adjustments, I am confident that we will significantly reduce the number of complaints,” – said nefodov.