Negotiations of tripartite contact group in Minsk: who can convert

Переговоры трехсторонней контактной группы в Минске: кого могут обменять

Continues in Minsk another meeting of the trilateral contact group. Representatives of the parties say, as always, behind closed doors.

Behind closed doors in Minsk again decide the fate of the barred ukraitsev. The process of preparation is at the final stage.

Agreed to initiate the procedure for the exchange of prisoners of war illegally held prisoners in the ratio of 208 to 69,

– said the representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite contact group Immortal novel.

First and foremost, about the prisoners who are in the occupied territories of Donbass. But who among 69 Ukrainians contained in ORDO is not known. “Those prisoners who are in ORDO, they have no roll-call,” said the human rights activist Aleksandra Romantsova.

Of prisoners in Russia and the Crimea traditionally agreed separately. Often simultaneously with the talks in Minsk. Actually three weeks ago, the Ukrainian Ombudsman gave his Moscow counterpart list, consisting of one hundred and fifty names.

There are Roman Sushchenko, which for four years illegally in prison. Probably exchanged for editor-in-chief “RIA Novosti-Ukraine” Kirill Vyshinsky, which in Ukraine is accused of treason. He was ordered by the word of Putin himself.

“If Ukraine is now made efforts and expressed the possibility of such exchange – Vyshinsky on Sushchenko, we would came very close to realizing this possibility. Unfortunately, the public offering on the exchange for Sentsov not meet any counter-understanding on the part of Moscow. We must proceed from the actual circumstances. They allow for the exchange of not Vyshinsky-Sentsov, and Vyshinsky-Sushchenko,” – said lawyer Roman Sushchenko mark Feigin.

Who is Kirill Vyshinsky?

This is a former journalist, Director of “RIA Novosti-Ukraine”. The SBU accuses him of creating a subversive Pro-Russian information network on the territory of Ukraine and treason.

In the spring of 2014 he worked in the Crimea, where he controlled the journalists produced material that justified the annexation of Crimea by Russia. For this activity Vyshinsky closed by decree of the President of Russia presented the award of the Russian Federation “For the return of the Crimea”. Also awarded the Russian medal of the order “For merits before Fatherland” for the so-called “objective coverage of events in Crimea”.

Kirill Vyshinsky was detained by the SBU may 15, 2018. Under arrest, he is already more than 10 months.

The lion’s share of the captives – the Crimean Tatars in the case of “Hizb ut-Tahrir”. Now opened two criminal proceedings on the case. The sentences received ten of the Crimean Tatars. They were sentenced to terms ranging from 12 to 17 years. Five defendants in the case the day before was transferred from the Russian prison to the Crimea to conduct so-called investigation.

In management of FSB has been the identification of the secret witness of my client and four other defendants. Investigations will continue at least until the end of the week. The other day we will have the continuation of the arrest. It will probably be held in the Crimea. After that, they will be transported back to jail, where they were before,

lawyer Abdullah Mamet Izzet Mambetov.

This list was first 24 sailors, but later made them in a separate list. Because their exchange is contrary to the decision of the international Tribunal for the law of the sea. Because he ordered Russia to release prisoners of war without any conditions to return two months ago. And to recover the ships.

The only one who still managed to return to his native land from the crew is a dog named Jesse. Negotiations on the return of a puppy lasted 4 months. And now Jesse will live in the family of a sailor Sergei Coleby, who also have parents waiting at home.

Переговоры трехсторонней контактной группы в Минске: кого могут обменять

Переговоры трехсторонней контактной группы в Минске: кого могут обменять