Nelia Shtepa said that it will again run for mayor of Slovyansk: video

Неля Штепа заявила, что снова пойдет в мэры Славянска: видео

The former head of Slovyansk Nelya Shtepa said that will again run for mayor. Don’t violate any of the obligations imposed on her by the court in the case of separatism.

Their intentions Shtepa told a local television station S-plus.

Those who hope that I will close and I will not be able to submit his candidacy for the elections of the mayor, relax,

said Shtepa.

She added that nobody will be able to stop her. Because it operates within the law and does not violate the obligations imposed on her by the court. “I don’t do any illegal actions, I don’t drink, don’t do drugs, lead a moral life,” – said the former head of Slavyansk.

According to her, she was the head of the city Council of the city. To her still seek the help of local residents.

About his plans to lead the Slavic city Council Shtepa announced in 2018. The same position she occupied before in 2010-2014.

Nelya Shtepa told about the intention to run for mayor of Slavyansk: watch the video (26:15)

Important! Ukraine paid neleh Shtepa 3600 euros in compensation. This decision was made by the European court of human rights.

What is known about the case Neelie Shtepa?The SBU launched an investigation against her in April, 2014, arrested the former head of Slavyansk in July of the same year. At trial, she explained that he had urged Putin to send troops into Slavyansk under the coercion of the terrorists. His interview to the Russian propaganda channels called done “at gunpoint”.

During consideration of the matter Shtepa was replaced by 5 district courts and the 11 formulations of the court. The defendant guilty itself does not consider. In the case of recognition by court of fault Shtepa, she faces life imprisonment.

Lawyer Shtepa Shadrin said, January 15, 2020 should be a meeting of Ordzhonikidze district court of Kharkiv on the case of his client. However, it did not take place because the lawyers are unable to arrive for valid reasons. The meeting was moved to 10:00 on February 11.