Nephew Kremlin propagandist Kiselyov in prison because he fought in the ranks of the insurgents

Племянник кремлевского пропагандиста Киселева - в тюрьме, потому что воевал в рядах боевиков

Nephew of the famous Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselev Sergey convicted in Germany for participation in the fighting in the Donbass on the side of Pro-Russian militants.

About Kiselyov said in an interview with Yuri Dude.

Pro-Kremlin propagandist told that his nephew received the medal from the militants for their “activities”.

He said, “I’m Russian” and went to war. He killed the commander of a platoon, he took so to say the command and even awarded some medal of Donetsk,

– said Kiselev.

However, the nephew has the nationality of Germany. He was arrested there after he left Ukraine.

“The fact that he then went to the monastery, took monastic vows, went somewhere to Bulgaria and Bulgarians, he was arrested and sent to Germany. Now he sits in prison, a bad article – terrorism, weapons – for what fought,” said the promoter.

In addition, Kiselev said that if his sons decided to fight in “DNR”, he would support them, because the “aid to residents of Donbass is a noble cause.”

Note that Sergei’s father is the brother of Dmitry Kiselyov – is against Russia and not support any relationship with the promoter. They do not talk for more than 14 years.

Who Kiselev??Dmitry Kiselev is a famous Russian propagandist, Deputy General Director of Russian public broadcasting and Director General, Russian state international information Agency “Russia today”. It gives him an excellent opportunity to implement active Pro-Putin propaganda. In particular, he “famous” for its position on Ukraine – Euromaidan occupation of the Crimea and war on Donbass, and also propaganda of homophobia. Active supporter of Putin are also often criticized the United States. The security service of Ukraine on 4 July 2014 has opened a criminal case against Kiselev on the article “financing of terrorism, assisting terrorist activities”. Then the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko said that Kiselyov is financing separatism in Eastern Ukraine through the international press Institute, headed by Russian journalist. Kiselyov said the charges against him “a continuation of the fantasies of the Nazis”. In September 2015, Dmitry Kiselev contributed to the sanctions list imposed by Ukraine in response to Russian military aggression.

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Племянник кремлевского пропагандиста Киселева - в тюрьме, потому что воевал в рядах боевиков