Netta, Editors and Oh Wonder: who of the world of the performers shot a video in Ukraine in 2019

Every year more and more producers worldwide are choosing Ukraine for filming your videos. 2019 is not an exception – your video work in Ukraine shot Netta, Editors, Oh Wonder, WayV, Charli XCX and many, many others.

Ukraine attracts foreign musicians aesthetics of bedroom areas, incredible nature and of course, powerful production studios. Such clips are not only important for the career of musicians, but also for Ukrainians. Though, because foreigners help to see the beauty and peculiarities of the Ukrainian cities to which we have become accustomed.

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Summarizing 2019, we have gathered the brightest and most interesting videos of foreign performers, who have decided to remove them in Ukraine.

Netta – Bassa Sababa

Number of views: ≈ 49 million

Israeli singer and the winner of Eurovision-2018 Netta Barzilai in Kiev shot a video for the song “Bassa Sababa”. The shooting took place for three days at 13 locations! The clip is easy to recognize capital Boulevard, Darnitskiy bridge, and the library named after Vernadsky.

The video is made by more than 250 people, including 50 dancers. At the end spent 1 million Israeli shekels (about 240 thousand Euro), thus the clip Nettie was among the most expensive clips ever released by Israeli artists. But such spending is not in vain – at the time of writing the clip had been viewed nearly 50 million users!

The movie itself is quite extravagant, like the singer herself. There are a lot of strange twists and turns, bright colors and there is even a pink Rhino. The style is similar to a computer game where the net bride chasing her groom is a fugitive. And last here is not to be envied 🙂

Netta – Bassa Sababa (clip)

WayV – Take Off

Number of views: ≈ 16 million

Chinese boyband WayV in 2019 presented a clip for the song “Take Off”, which was shot in Kiev. In the clip, the performers dance in the street Sahaidachny at the hem, Podolsko resurrection bridge, in the building of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Also in the video you can see the Parking lot near the shopping center “Ukraine”, and the hangar, near which the musicians appear in the background of the Ukrainian Antonov aircraft.

Such familiar Metropolitan space in the clip they look completely different – futuristic and bright!

WayV – Take Off (clip)

FKA twigs – Cellophane

Number of views: ≈ 6 million

The London singer FKA Twigs in 2019 presented a clip for the song “Cellophane”. Incidentally, this is the first song of the singer for three years, because in 2017, she left the stage due to health.

The shooting took place in Kiev Studio. Art Director video – Vladimir Radlinsky Ukrainian production Studio Radioaktive Film. The clip is pole-dance choreography and computer graphics. Therefore, any real locations in Kiev you will not find here.

The scenery of the clip wasted 500 meters of fabric and 432 pounds of red clay. Filming lasted 2 days, 16 hours. And all these efforts were not in vain! Clip nominated for a Grammy in the category “Best music video” Grammy Awards. The ceremony will take place January 26, 2020, looking forward to the results!

FKA twigs – Cellophane (music video)

Charli XCX – White Mercedes

Number of views: ≈ 1.7 million

British singer Charli XCX in Kiev shot a video for the song White Mercedes. Over the clip worked Ukrainian production Studio, Radioaktive Film. The shooting took place in a vacant lot on troyeschina. These types of, you could previously see in music videos, Foals, Paolo Nutini, and MØ.

In the clip, no Mercedes, but there is a car on fire and lots of fireworks!

Charli XCX – White Mercedes (clip)

Oh Wonder – Hallelujah

Visits: ≈ 1 million

The British group Oh Wonder shot a video near Kiev for the song “Hallelujah”. Location chose an abandoned Golf club, participation in the creation of the video took Ukrainian company 2332 Films.

Video filmed in one shot, but only made 20 attempts for 12 hours!

Oh Wonder – Hallelujah (clip)

Lola Marsh – Echoes

Number of views: 745 tis

Israeli indie-pop band Lola Marsh shot a video for the song “Echo” in Kiev Palace of culture named after the Queen. The location corresponded to the main criteria of the Director – spacious room, large Windows and the spirit of the seventies.

About the video wrote in The New York Times, the journalists called the video “retro magic”.

Lola Marsh – Echoes (clip)


Number of views: ≈ 740 thousand

The Russian group “The biggest Simple Number” (SBPCH) video for the song “the Hours” was shot in Kiev. The video came Central registry office and Goloseevsky Prospekt near the metro station “demeevskaya.”

The video was directed by Ukrainian Tanya Muino, which is known for its work on the video for MONATIK, Time and Glass, NK, Michelle Andrade, and others. The main role in the clip was played by a Russian TV presenter and showman Alexander Gudkov. He appeared as a Young Dad, but the storyline is based on the story by Nikolai Gogol’s “Viy”.

SBPCH – Watch (clip)

Slenderbodies – Arrival

Number of views: ≈ 410 thousand

The American group Slenderbodies was shot in Kiev video for the song “Arrival”. Location chose not the sleeping area or the avenues and colony in the Kiev region, where there are about 600 prisoners with a maximum sentence of 15 years. Instead of actors in the clip prisoners.

The clip was shot by Ukrainian Studio 2332 Films in collaboration with Pulse Films UK English. The whole crew worked as a forensic psychologist, who taught to treat the prisoners.

And this clip is probably one of the most important this year, which was filmed in Ukraine. Special forces clip adds text to the beginning and end, who belongs to one of the prisoners.

Slenderbodies – Arrival (clip)

Editors – Frankenstein

Number of views: ≈ 378 thousand

British rock band Editors in 2019 was shot in Kiev video for the song “Frankenstein”. In the story, the main character tries to dig out from the grave and return to life of dead singers on the name Baeonse and Sailor Twyft.

Locations for filming have become the Avenue of Victory, national circus, Osokorki, site of one of the supermarkets, as well as interior Metropolitan bus.

Editors – Frankenstein (clip)

DJ Shadow – Rocket Fuel feat. De La Soul

Number of views: ≈ 309 thousand

Clip American DJ Shadow for the song Rocket Fuel is another work of Ukrainian production Radioaktive Film Studio, location for filming – the pavilion, near Kiev, so familiar landscapes or locations – there’s nothing to look for.

Control room specially built in the office at Kiev, but to create a space surface of the moon, mix the sand with cement. Was very convincing and atmospheric!

DJ Shadow – Rocket Fuel feat. De La Soul (clip)