Network TRON was upgraded to simplify the development of applications

В сети TRON произошло обновление для упрощения разработки приложений

New update TRON Odyssey 3.6 aims to ensure a smooth development environment for distributed applications.

TRON, one of the most prominent digital assets, has made another update maneta, Odyssey to version 3.6. The main purpose of updating is to ensure a smooth development dApp.

Thanks to the joint efforts of a team of developers of TRON, Odyssey V3.6 implements a more lightweight embedded server with additional data validation on the Protocol,

– explained team TRON.

TRON is one of the networks seeking to compete in real-world applications using distributed programs (dApps). Growing, and TRONBet becomes the main dApp.

TRON is the leader in sales in 24 hours among the three best platforms dApp and sets a new monthly record in daily volume. In addition, the ecosystem is growing, and added within 90 days 217 new dApps.

– tweeted Mike Lederman (Lederman Misha).

Generally, the use TRON dApp close to use Ethereum and EOS also remains a serious competitor. The use of dApps increased, especially with the advent of the best purses with the support of dApp. Internet gambling using the tokens remain one of the key points to attract coins.

Other active class dApps have a decentralized exchange, or DEX, which allow for trade without borders, while keeping their private keys.

Despite the high public profile and updates, the market prices of TRX are moving relatively slowly. TRX increased from lows of $ 0,018 in a bear market, up to $ 0,03. The growth rates projected up to $ 0.50 or even $ 1 has not yet occurred. Trading volumes also dropped TRX to the level of the equivalent of $ 500 million in 24 hours.

The market price on the TRX can also be affected, because the major exchanges are removed from the U.S. market because of concerns that some digital assets may be deemed to be unregistered securities. Currently HuobiKorea places the main part of the activities of TRX, based on data CryptoCompare, TRX and trading mostly occurs against BTC. However, the pair TRX / USDT has 38% of the total activity.

TRX slide in the value of BTC, dropping from about 460 Satoshi in the beginning of June to the range of 360 Satoshi. This price slide, despite the rise in price of BTC – that’s what keeps the dollar price of TRX in stagnation.