Network wins tourism is the Khust castle: a spectacular video – 24 Channel

Мережу підкорює туристична реклама Хустського замку: ефектне відео - 24 Канал

Ukraine becomes more attractive for foreign tourists. Therefore, in a network there are promo videos of the interesting places that are striking in their beauty. In particular, the new video from the Khust castle has fascinated users Facebook.

The picturesque Transcarpathia is famous for its flavor. One of the most famous cities in the region – Khust – linked the beauty of nature and the famous castle. And at least from a historical building ruins, well worth a go for the amazing scenery and incredible legends.

“The castle was built in the XII century to control the road leading to the salt pans. The castle defended the local population from the many attacks of strangers. Among the local rumors about the terrible things that are happening outside its walls. Especially fearful was the legend of the tomb of Count Dracula, who is associated with the family of Knight Drago. And what happened to the castle? You need to know!” says in a promotional video.

Tourists hard to believe that the ruins before them is one of the most impregnable castles of Ukraine. The building was not able to capture neither the Habsburgs nor Tatars, nor Turks. However, ruined his nature: lightning hit directly in the powder tower. However, the footage of the dilapidated castle and still attract people from all over the world.

Videographer from Uzhgorod Yaroslav Tarkani decided to show the uniqueness of the Khust castle, creating a spectacular video with aerial view.


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