Never give in debt 5 things: will lose good luck and prosperity

Никогда не давайте в долг 5 вещей: лишитесь удачи и благополучия

Often there are situations when the desired object is not at hand, and we have to borrow it. However, the experience of many generations indicates that there are things to borrow is very dangerous. Taking or giving a certain thing, we risk to take along with it the misfortunes of others or give in the wrong hands their own good fortune, writes Felomena.

Knowing what items are prohibited to lend, you can protect yourself and others from many troubles and problems.

What items cannot be borrowed, so as not to push your luck?

Salt is an important ingredient in various magical rites, which take from the hands of others is dangerous.

On what pretext did not ask you to borrow salt, never give outsiders. If refuse is not possible, give salt, accentuating that it’s just a gift that requires no return. Because salt has a truly unique energy properties, it is used to deprive a person of his well-being.

Utensils – an object in which concentrated power at home.

Often the use of someone else’s dishes may have a negative impact on the destiny of man. Therefore, in order to avoid negative influences, the dishes should not borrow or give.

Giving, saturated with their energy a Cup or a plate, people at risk along with her to give a stranger their health and luck. Taken someone else’s dishes can bring home diseases, fears, troubles, and other negative programs.

Clothing – the subject, which is in contact with our body.

However, often we hear requests to borrow one or another thing. Although this phenomenon is now considered the norm, make such borrowing to be abandoned.

Even buying used thing and paying for her fee, which can be considered as a kind of mercy thing before putting on should be cleaned from extraneous energies. Taken or loaned clothing is able to bring the owner of someone else’s negative energy.

Jewelry and various jewelry signs is also prohibited to lend, because jewelry is best to retain the power of the person wearing them.

Usually, when faced with alien energy, the decorations come into conflict with it, negatively influencing the new owner.

And the focus with the donation of jewelry to the new owner is not working. Stones and metals jewelry usually are “monogamous”, not wanting to get used to the new owner. Putting on someone else’s jewel you carry other people’s problems.

A broom is a thing belonging to a particular house.

Therefore, using someone else’s broom, you may have a trouble and troubles are someone else’s house. Especially frequent are problems in Finance. Giving a broom, you handed in the wrong hands their luck and ventured from home cash flow. A broom, under any pretext, should not leave his house.