New Apple AirPods: the first user reviews

Новые Apple AirPods: первые отзывы пользователей

A week ago, on 20 March, Apple introduced the second generation of wireless headphones AirPods, which have kept the original design, but got the new hardware “stuffing” and functions.

The first customers started to receive the ordered headphones yesterday, and today they appeared in retail stores. Twitter have already started to publish reviews of the first users of the new Apple AirPods. It is reported by MacRumors.

The sound quality on the Air Pods of the second generation is much better than the first generation. After listening to something from Daft Punk, will immediately feel the difference. I didn’t expect such a jump in sound quality.
– shared his impressions of the user.

Then the user confirms that he really feels a big difference between the sound of the first and second generation Apple AirPods. Although the network is quite a lot of user feedback that the difference is not felt.

Video new Air Pods 2:

Someone wrote that uses the new AirPods in the gym and not notice the difference. Other users confirm that the voice of Siri and calls on FaceTime has become cleaner.

New AirPods do faster switch between devices to which they are connected. Switching from iPhone to iPad Pro has been reduced from 8 to 4 seconds.

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