New attack on Britain and “pseudo-elections”in Poland: how the coronavirus is changing the world (updated)

Новый удар по Британии и "псевдовыборы"в Польше: как  коронавирус меняет мир (обновляется)

The intensity of the spread of the deadly coronavirus in different countries it fades, then increasing again. In particular, in the UK the number of deaths increases again. According to the latest data per day died almost 750 people. The total number of deaths from the disease is approaching 30 thousand. Meanwhile, in Poland, in spite of the quarantine, decided to hold presidential elections on may 10. The opposition issued an open letter in which he described a future vote “pseudo-elections”.

In Ukraine in connection with the softening of quarantine, a scandal erupted. Security officials brought the case against the mayor of Cherkasy. It is the “engine” removal of restrictions, stood up for small and medium businesses. “Apostrophe” is watching everything that is happening in Ukraine and the world on may 2.

07:19 Over the past day in the world diagnosed 94 552 cases of coronavirus. This is 8 515 cases more than on 30 April.

06:55 In Russia contracted the coronavirus, the Minister of construction and housing and communal services Vladimir Yakushev and his Deputy Dmitry Volkov.

“I will undergo treatment under the supervision of doctors in one of the city hospitals. Stay in touch,” said Yakushev.

The last time the Minister was at the meeting with Vladimir Putin on 10 February and participated in face-to-face meeting with the President – March 4.

Новый удар по Британии и "псевдовыборы"в Польше: как  коронавирус меняет мир (обновляется)

06:30 as at that time the total number of deaths in the world from the coronavirus is 238 650 people (the statistics in real time you can follow the link).

Новый удар по Британии и "псевдовыборы"в Польше: как  коронавирус меняет мир (обновляется)

Most of the deaths recorded in the US – 64 943 people, in Italy – 28 236, great Britain – 27 583, France – 24 628 and Spain – 24 543. In China in General – 4 637. Just world 3 343 777 infected.

The countries with the greatest spread of the coronavirus are the USA (1 103 461), Spain (213 435), Italy (207 of 428), the UK (178 685), France (167 305), Germany (164 077) Turkey (122 392) and Russia (114 431).