New barriers for diesel

Новые барьеры для дизеля

Leading German carmakers committed to additionally spend up to 3 thousand Euro per vehicle with diesel engines to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The agreement was reached at negotiations of representatives of the companies with Minister of transport of Germany Andreas Scheuer. We are talking about retrofitting old diesel cars or the same cash prizes to customers, changing old cars for new ones.

According to the Minister, the objective of this measure is to encourage the purchase of new, cleaner cars that will not be affected by restrictions on movement in the large cities of Germany.

On Thursday, an administrative court ordered the city authorities of Cologne and Bonn to impose restrictions on the movement of vehicles with diesel engines of the old model. They should enter into force no later than 1 April of the next year. A partial ban on “diesels” is already operating in Hamburg, from January 1, it will enter into force in Stuttgart, and from the middle of next year – in Berlin.

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