“New Big Bang”: the Universe will break the collision of two black holes – scientists

Researchers from Achetermg University in the US conducted a computer simulation that showed how will be the process of merging.

«Новый Большой взрыв»: Вселенную разорвёт столкновение двух чёрных дыр – учёные

Theoretical perspective the existence of black holes in space, scientists first began to speak in the XVIII century. Then it was about the object to overcome the gravitational force which can only be using the speed of light. Since then, black holes have become known a lot more, but at the same time not found any direct evidence of their existence. Despite this, the vast majority of astrophysicists do not question this fact and continue research in this area, drawing on existing work in this area.

In particular, it is believed that supermassive black holes are able to absorb whole galaxies and even threaten the Universe. Recently, American scientists from Achetermg University have created a computer simulation which investigated the potential behavior of black holes when collision with each other. It was found that in this case they will emit ultraviolet and x-rays that can detect them using existing equipment.

However, some researchers believe this discovery, if this event occur, we will bring a little joy to scholars and the world at large. That’s because it’s the collision of two supermassive black holes will just break the Universe. Scientists suggest that in this case, our world is waiting for a new Big Bang, which will initiate the formation of a new Universe and destroy the old one.

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