New BMW iNEXT showed another teaser (VIDEO)

Новый BMW iNEXT показали на очередном тизере (ВИДЕО)

“Innovation flagship” BMW is gradually taking shape.

After the first teaser images BMW iNEXT, published in March, may and July, all-electric SUV returns in a series of new images and videos, which also present the test prototypes of the model in camouflage. Test vehicles were manufactured at the pilot plant in the heart of the research and innovation center (FIZ) and will be used for road testing and preparation for serial production. The main goal of BMW is to collect electric car on the same Assembly line as regular cars with engine ICE and a PHEV.

“Preparation of fully electric vehicles for mass production is exciting, but difficult task. By the time the official production run we can produce up to 100 prototypes of the BMW iNEXT. Until then, the pilot plant will use a number of new innovations to further streamline and accelerate our processes. We also are preparing our first production partner of the Dingolfing Plant to work on a new product,” commented head of the production, integration and pilot plant.

For prototyping iNEXT BMW uses a new production technology, which is called the rotary connection. Experts combines aluminium and high strength steel using friction energy. Once this process is completed, the assembled elements are subjected to detailed laser inspections identificeret individual characteristics of the surface. Then followed by a check scanner of high-resolution data which are compared with the CAD models.

As for the iNEXT, it is a fully electric alternative to the X5, in terms of size and space in the cabin. Currently in development is the model BMW fifth generation with a power reserve of more than 600 km, depending on the WLTP cycle. INEXT will be “innovation flagship” of the automaker and get a technology of Autonomous driving 3rd level..