New bookmakers on Eurovision-2019: who are predicting victory

Новые прогнозы букмекеров на Евровидение-2019: кому пророчат победу

Today, may 14, will be the first semifinal of Eurovision-2019 in Israel, however, bookmakers continue to make their forecasts and bets on the winner of the competition. Therefore, the Netherlands continues to predict a win, but the position of the following countries in ranking every time.

Новые прогнозы букмекеров на Евровидение-2019: кому пророчат победу

64-th international song contest Eurovision-2019 will be held in Israel, in tel Aviv. The semi-finals of the singing show will be held on may 14, the second semi-final-16 may, and the finals, which will determine the winner, will hold on may 18.

Новые прогнозы букмекеров на Евровидение-2019: кому пророчат победу

When to watch Eurovision-2019 / 24 Channel

After loud scandal with MARUV, which won the national selection of Eurovision-2019, the national public broadcasting company of Ukraine has decided to refuse participation in the main competition in Israel. Therefore, Ukraine’s position in the League table disappeared. Earlier, Ukraine was not even in top 10, and after winning the selection MARUV Ukraine has risen in the ranking and took fourth place.

Predictions on the winner of the Eurovision song contest

Latest betting predictions appeared on the official website of the Eurovision song contest today, may 14. The winner is still predicted to the Netherlands. The country will be represented by Duncan Lawrence with the song Arcade. Second place is now occupied by the representative of Sweden-John Lundvik with the song Too Late for Love. But the three leaders enshrines a participant from Russia Sergey Lazarev with the song Scream, which only yesterday had the fourth place in the ranking, as in previous weeks the second. In the top ten of the first is the representatives of the countries of France, Australia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Switzerland, Malta and Iceland.

Betting predictions for Eurovision-2019

Why there was a scandal around the participation MARUV in the Eurovision song contest in 2019?MARUV has won the final of national selection for Eurovision-2019 and obtained the right to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest. However, a lot of Ukrainians opposed the performances of the actress in the competition from Ukraine, because MARUV continues to tour Russia. Singer their concerts in Russia argued that these performances contributes to “peace between countries”.

While MARUV stated that it considers the Crimea as Ukrainian territory, but was unable to clearly answer the question about the war in the Donbass. The singer said that it is very difficult for her, because her family lost their homes in the Donbas, and to her it is hard to say. MARUV added, “wants peace, and that finally it’s over.”