New challenge from Eminem: rapper proposes to surpass his record

Legendary American rapper in social networks has launched the #GodzillaChallenge. Everyone will be able to participate and compete with Eminem in reading speed rap.

About the artist announced on his page on Twitter. The rapper posted a video in which he read his new track Godzilla, and urged fans to surpass his record.

Users who want to join #GodzillaChallenge must perform the song Godzilla from the new album of Eminem Music to Be Murdered By, record on video and spread in social networks. The singer has promised to distribute videos and award prizes to the best participants.

In January 2020, Eminem managed to surpass himself and set a new record for reading REP. The Godzilla track, which the musician recorded together with the by Juice WRLD, he read 229 words in 30 seconds. Experts estimate that in one second he uttered 7.6 words.

Video: clip Eminem feat Juice WRLD song Godzilla

Fans of the rapper immediately picked up the challenge and began to publish a video with his performance of the famous track.