New communal, the price of gas, vehicle inspection and medical records: what will change in may

Новая коммуналка, цена газа, техосмотр и медкарта: что изменится в мае

In the last month of spring will begin to worry about their housing under the new rules. Will also receive: gas is cheaper, electronic medical records, changes to the format of the document on the technical inspection of transport, and ERUs will need to pay by other details.

Further details about these changes.

Reformed communal

May 1 will put into effect the law on housing and communal services. It will change the principle of the maintenance of the house and local area. Also introduces the concept of a license fee for utility services and fines in arrears communal.

The main innovation – the Ukrainians will have to organize care for their homes, for the hiring managers, and to decide which treaties to sign with service providers.

Monthly fee for the communal – it will be money to pay for the work Manager home improvement.

New gas price

May 1 “Naftogaz of Ukraine” at the request of the government reduces the gas price for the population to 300 hryvnia for 1 thousand cubic meters. The cost to domestic consumers will be about 8,25 per cubic meter instead of the current of 8.55 and previously planned increase to 9.7 to 9.8 hryvnia per cubic meter.

Electronic medical records

May maintain record of the patient visit in the electronic health system to physicians will be mandatory.

In the beginning patients will not be able to log in to your electronic medical records, but there are plans to launch a personal Cabinet of the patient. If necessary, the doctor will be able to print for the patient Advisory, which will contain the reason for the treatment, diagnosis, treatment or referral for further examination.

The second half of this year recording in electronic medical records can be done by the specialists of the laboratories, clinics and consultative-diagnostic centers, which will work with the National health service program “free diagnostics”. And already in 2020, electronic medical records can provide information hospitals.

Innovations in avtotekhosmotr

May 1 paper record form, confirming the successful completion of vehicle maintenance checks, will be issued complete with a self-adhesive label RFID. The owner of the vehicle shall affix a label on the top right of the windscreen from the inside.

This innovation will reduce the risk of falsification of the protocols of the QCD, say the Main service centre of the Ministry of interior. In addition, the promise that in this way the regulatory authorities will be easier to check allowed if a specific vehicle to participate in road traffic: information from the tags will soon be possible to read from a distance with the help of special technical equipment.

New accounts for the payment of ERUs

In the State Treasury service of Ukraine reported that on may 2 will operate the new accounts for the payment of ERUs, which are open on the balance sheet of the Central office of the Treasury.

Until the end of April is still possible to use the “old” accounts on transfer of ERUs. And from 2 may the money be returned to taxpayers as “outstanding income”.

Pay ERUs will need new account details. You can recognize them at the State fiscal service and the Pension Fund.

Transfer phone number

In may, Ukrainians will be able to transfer your number when changing operator. This service is called MNP (Mobile Number Portability – MNP).

The user needs to register by providing the SIM card and documents (passport, driving license, tax number, etc.). Then you need to apply the operator. A legal entity may submit group applications for transfer. After that, the subscriber receives a new SIM card with the old number.