New course U.S.: why is flying to Kiev, an important specialist on Ukraine

Новый ход США: зачем в Киев летит важный специалист по Украине

Instead of Marie Yovanovitch, which prematurely ended the work on the post of US Ambassador to Ukraine, the Embassy since the end of may, the interim attorney – Christine Quinn. However, as it became known “Apostrophe”, after a few days in Kiev will be well-known diplomat and former Ambassador to Ukraine from 2006 to 2009, William Taylor. This information to our publication confirmed by several sources in diplomatic circles. Does this mean that Taylor may be the new chargé d’affaires of the United States or its waiting for a different mission at the Embassy, and which is now facing challenges in relations with the United States – in the article “Apostrophe”.

Executive Vice President of American think tank United States Institute of Peace William Taylor is one of the leading American experts on Ukraine. It is on the work of Taylor in Ukraine (under President Yushchenko), there was a period of rapid development of us-Ukrainian relations, and the United States actively supported granting Ukraine the action Plan on membership in NATO. Signed in late 2008, the document on strategic partnership of Ukraine and the United States still remains the basis of relations of two countries with a huge and not fully used potential.

It is known that Taylor served as an officer in the U.S. army infantry in Germany and Vietnam. Rose to the rank of captain. After the events of 11 September 2001, was appointed coordinator of U.S. and international assistance to Afghanistan (2002-2003).

The last public event with the participation of Ambassador Taylor before his departure to Washington was the official groundbreaking ceremony of the new Embassy building in Ukraine in may 2009.

Arrival at the Embassy diplomat this level clearly indicates the importance of Ukraine to Washington. According to interlocutors of “Apostrophes”, Taylor can be temporary or a new attorney and to lead the Embassy during the absence of the Ambassador, or even to take the post of Ambassador, because of the lack of a coherent all instances United States the other candidates.

As explained by respondents “Apostrophe” experts, the issue of the appointment of an Ambassador may last until the end of the US presidential election in 2020. However, not all sources believe these developments, and I think that for Taylor in the Embassy may provide for other work. We are talking about the investigation of the situation related to the allegations of Yuriy Lutsenko in relation to the financial assistance of Washington, jointly with the Prosecutor General’s office projects that supposedly were not directly provided to units of the GPU, and distributed by the U.S. Embassy in Kiev on their own.

“Not to say that Washington took very seriously these charges. But still it caused some issues, so the task was to deal with the situation. What, in fact, can be related to the visit of Taylor. Since he is familiar with Ukrainian politics and knows how to negotiate – he is a force,” – says the arrival of the diplomat’s interlocutor, a person familiar with the situation in the American Embassy.

Himself William Taylor this information is not yet commented. But publicly he had previously noted that between the USA and Ukraine are very strong ties in the foreseeable future they will remain.

“Our position is firm: we support any President and any composition of the Ukrainian government, while they continue to follow a clear and predictable policy, values, goals, who want to see the Ukrainian people, and that divide Americans and Europeans. Commitment to democratic governance, Western values and institutions, the continuation of Ukraine’s course towards European integration and possible course in NATO – the US policy will definitely support. This is not any individual approach. We have supported various presidents while they were focused on reform and democratic values,” – said in an interview Taylor.

As for the new Ambassador, then, according to interlocutors of the edition, the political decision on the appointment is pending.

“There are different positions in this regard. There is a very interesting candidate who even had a meeting with Ukrainian deputies as a candidate for the position. It is close to Trump, not a career diplomat, it may be a political appointment with all the relevant pros and cons. But in order to assign it to, long way to go – approval in state Department and in Congress. In the United States it takes 3 to 6 months. So Ambassador we can expect until the second half of the summer, in the best case”, – said the interlocutor of “Apostrophes”.

The challenges for Ukraine

According to the respondents “Apostrophe” experts, Taylor – known in Ukraine people, and during his diplomatic mission in Ukraine has established himself as a diplomat who has good relations with different politicians in Washington and Kiev.

“He is a diplomat in the best sense of the word. He has good relations with Republicans and Democrats. He worked on the concept of peaceful settlement of the conflict, discussing the options to solve the conflict in the Donbass. He is a great Communicator. Men of his caliber are few. If the White house decided to appoint such an expert on issues related to the Ukraine – we were definitely lucky,” – said Ukrainian diplomat Vasily Filipchuk.

But for any of the new Ambassador will be important to maintain a normal relationship as they were always, according to the expert MCPD Mykola Kapitonenko.

“If to speak from the point of view of Ukraine, we are missing some specifics, contents. We need to think about what to highlight, what priorities to make the main in this bilateral cooperation. Now we don’t know exactly what you want” – the expert believes.

During the forthcoming visit of Vladimir Zelensky in the United States, which will be held in August this year at the invitation of the American side, the President of Ukraine will need to have a discussion about the status of the US as the main ally outside NATO, although it will be difficult.

“Little chance, but you need to start. This is something that is consistent with our interests. More Americans will not go, and no formal security assurances, we will not. But with this status we can facilitate and expand the nomenclature of deliveries of American weapons. Everything else relates solely to the expansion of U.S. support – financial, first of all,” adds Kapitonenko.

But according to the diplomat, Sergei Korsun, Ukraine should be more modest when talking about their place in the policy of the United States.

“We somehow believe that there’s a lot around us is spinning. It is not, especially at the level of the White house. There is nothing around us is not spinning. There are people at the State Department, which lead the Ukrainian aspects. There are in the Council of national security and defense who are doing it and, of course, Congress, which has those who support us. But at the level of the White house and personally trump we are treated in a very specific aspect of the prism of relations with Russia. Therefore, to build a relationship with them is very difficult, especially with trump. If trump sees Russia through a microscope because she’s GDP – half the state of Texas, our GDP, which is 10 times smaller than Russia’s GDP, an even more ridiculous figure. But for us Russia got into terrible trouble and now has problems on a global scale. So that makes us those who pay attention,” said Korsunsky.

And now we do have a chance to build relations with the United States. But Ukraine needs to find what is of interest to Americans.

“The position of President trump is very pragmatic. It is important for the interests of the United States – economic, political, military. If we can make a contribution to the realization of these interests, then the US will go to meet us. Let’s see what happens the rapprochement between Poland and the United States – literally unreal level of relations. Moreover, the United States agreed to open a military base, so it was decided to send an additional 2,000 soldiers. They have said that Poland is now in the final design stage of a visa-free regime with the United States. Why? Because Poland has already signed a 25-year contract to purchase U.S. LNG, but now an additional 8 billion signed a contract for the same and built LNG terminal, through which he will come to Poland and, God forbid, in Ukraine. We are talking about U.S. interest in the volume of 30 billion dollars. The United States is interested in their national interests. If we could offer something that corresponds to their national interests and it would be in our favor as well – that would be something that has created serious interest. Yes, we purchased from General Motors, some diesel locomotives, used to buy coal. But it all amounts and volumes are not serious”, – concluded the expert.