New crash tests showed why the cargo in the trunk need to be fixed (VIDEO)

Новые краш-тесты показали, почему груз в багажнике нужно закреплять (ВИДЕО)

The German automobile organization ADAC, which deals with issues of information, technical and legal assistance, has conducted several crash tests to tell you about the dangers of loose cargo.

A similar study, it was decided due to the fact that in Germany, the cases of road accidents in which cars scored different things, crashed into a barrier and badly wounded drivers.

To show how dangerous it is to carry in the Luggage compartment loose objects, specialists of the ADAC tested two wagon Volkswagen Golf. Both cars to the eyeballs scored different construction materials, household goods, kitchenware, etc.

In one of the Golf professionals for packing without pre-fixing. In the second model Golf experts put materials on rules for safety and are firmly attached. After that, the car brought to the tests.

Volkswagen Golf with an unsecured load speed of up to 45 km/h and crashed into a barrier. After that, load the Luggage compartment broke seatbacks and damaged mannequins, pinning them to the front panel. The second Golf passed the test with no complaints.