New deadly virus from China: how to protect yourself from the disease

Новый смертельный вирус из Китая: как уберечься от болезни

People in many countries excited about the emergence of China a new deadly virus, dubbed 2019-nCoV. According to the latest reports, 6 people died, nearly 300 confirmed cases of infection, about 50 people are in critical condition.

“Apostrophe”, collected all the details about the virus.

The history of

Presumably, the outbreak of coronavirus occurred at the fish market of Wuhan in China’s Hubei province. Experts say that the market is a virus picked up 41. Infected people complained of fever and breathing problems. 7th January in China was the first to die of an infected patient.

The disease migrated to Japan after the man visited the city of Wuhan. 10 Jan a Japanese man returned home and felt bad. He complained of fever and high temperature. The man was hospitalized and now has been discharged from hospital.

Countries where cases of infection

Infections according to the latest confirmed in China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Also the first recorded case in the United States.

What is this disease and how to protect yourself

The pathogen belongs to the family of coronaviruses, leading to pneumonia and breathing problems. Experts say that there is no reason to assume that the new pneumonia will be the same threat as the previous, so-called atypical recorded in China in 2002.

As for the original signs of disease, they can be easily confused with other infections. In particular, the patient has fever up to 39 °C, pale skin, wet cough, accompanied with chest pain, sweating and severe weakness.

The Chinese authorities said that the coronavirus is transmitted from person to person. At least two patients from Guangdong so and have picked up a dangerous infection. Moreover, health workers who had contact with infected people, getting sick, too.

Prevention of coronavirus:

  • wash hands with soap and water or wipe them with wipes containing alcohol;
  • to avoid contact with anyone with symptoms of cold or flu;
  • to boil meat and eggs before eating;
  • avoid unprotected contact with wild animals and livestock.

Statement of the world health organization

The who representative Tariq BiH national jasarevic Azra said that everything in the world was 278 confirmed cases 2019-nCoV and this figure is increasing rapidly. Four cases have been recorded outside China, two in Thailand, one in Japan and one in Korea. An increasing number of victims of the virus in China.

“, “said BiH national jasarevic Azra.


According to him , the source of the outbreak in China, “apparently, is of animal origin”. The “transmission from person to person, occurring by close contact, is limited”.

The network has already appeared the first video against the virus in China and prevent it from spreading.