New details of state of emergency in Kiev subway: station urgently close down one after the other, in the center of the commotion

Новые подробности ЧП в киевском метро: станции срочно закрывают одну за другой, в центре переполох

Militiamen urgently to save the passengers of Kyiv metro from the deadly threat

February 18 in Kiev was closed from two metro stations. And it is the main hub of the subway “Maidan of Independence” and “Khreshchatyk”. About it the press service of the subway announced on the official page in social network Facebook.

As stated in the message, both stations of the Moscow metro, through which pass daily thousands of people urgently closed for passengers. Soon no one will be able to use and change.

A few minutes later the press service also informed that also had to close the station “Zolotye Vorota” and “Teatralnaya” and pass on the transplant. Also checked the station “Ploschad Lva Tolstogo”, “Palats Sportu” that heart transplant.

According to law enforcement, already work at a place appropriate services.

A man is stabbed with a knife every portrait of Taras Shevchenko from the “Taras with a modern twist” by renowned Illustrator Andrew Grekhova, which are placed on one of the stations of the Moscow subway. In this regard, the police began to study the videos of the subway with a moment spoiling the images.

Earlier Yury Pavlenko was convicted for the seizure of the regional administration. He has also resented the portraits of Taras Shevchenko in Kiev metro. In his opinion, the work of artist Andrew Grekhova are a manifestation of disrespect for Ukrainian writer.

And at the end of January in the subway of Kiev, there was another emergency. At the station “Lybidska” suddenly there was a stampede because of the actions of a young girl.

As it turned out, a passenger upon entering the car dropped expensive iPhone. Smartphone fell out of hands and ended up on the tracks. Not wanting to part with the gadget, the girl threw a tantrum and started to ask other passengers to get the camera.

To avoid accident and to calm her, the subway employees had to call the police. The arrival of police and subsequent showdown with the anxious citizen provoked the delay of trains and stampede among the passengers on the ramp.

Новые подробности ЧП в киевском метро: станции срочно закрывают одну за другой, в центре переполох