New details of the Sony PlayStation 5: the price could be lower than expected

Новые детали Sony PlayStation 5: ее цена может быть ниже, чем предполагали

In October, Sony officially announced the release of a new generation console Sony PlayStation 5. Now there are new details about the future novelty. In the basic version of the Sony PlayStation 5 can use an external memory drive. This should reduce the cost of new items.

Letsgodigital reports, citing its own sources, Sony Interactive Entertainment has patented a cartridge for a game console, the PlayStation. As writes the edition, this cartridge can be an external drive for the new console.

Using the SSD in the basic version of the Sony PlayStation 5, you can reduce the cost.

This may be a logical step. So, earlier the high price of the PlayStation 3, didn’t allow the console to occupy a dominant position in the market. The situation was corrected only with the release of PS4.

Price. Experts suggest that the PlayStation 5 may be in the range from 500 to 850 Euro (14 – 23 800 UAH). In Sony while specific figures are not called, there is only stated that the console will receive a “reasonable price”. If you use SSD memory, the price can really be set at 500 euros.

Release date. The exact date the company is not yet known. The release of the PlayStation 5 is scheduled for holiday season of 2020.

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