New Easter eggs in Half-Life: Decay, insider about the PlayStation 5 and Krasnodar Minecraft: TOP gaming news stories of the day

Новая пасхалка в Half-Life: Decay, инсайд о PlayStation 5 и Краснодар в Minecraft: ТОП игровых новостей дня

Cadaveric Easter eggs in Half-Life: Decay, new details about the PlayStation 5 and Krasnodar in the full scale of Minecraft. All this, and more, in our regular TOP gaming news of the day.

Cadaveric Easter eggs in Half-Life: Decay

MarphitimusBlackimus found a new Easter egg in Half-Life: Decay, its essence is to strike the corpse of 600 times with a crowbar, but apparently the damage it can cause and other arms, because the NPC about 3 thousand units of health, upon receiving damage just explodes the corpse.

Insider about the PlayStation 5

Sony, if you believe the insiders, specifically plans to upgrade the PS and just to make the game “monster”. Here are the stats on the future of the console according to

  • CPU: 8-core and 16-thread Ryzen 3000 3.2 GHz;
  • Graphics card: GPU-based architecture Navi, 72 computing unit (2 crystal for 36) and 64 Shader processors on a single block. Frequency of 1.55 GHz, the memory from 16 to 24 GB of GDDR6, support ray tracing;
  • RAM: 16 or 24 GB of GDDR6 RAM;
  • Disk space: SSD capacity of 2 TB.

Krasnodar in Minecraft

Nearly two years it took the student to portray Krasnodar in Minecraft. Name is young talent Vladislav Zanegin, he’s 14, and spent it on construction took 2 346 500 blocks, also interesting that his character was about 600 km, in the future Vladislav intends to act as an architect.

The Akira remaster in 4K

Revolutionary science fiction film Akira 1988 next year will get remastered in 4K and film Director Katsuhiro Otomo announced the creation of a new anime series based on his original manga of Akira, and a new film called “the space era”.

Anime News Network reported the news from Anime Expo, and Studio Sunrise has released a couple of trailers. Akira in 4K will be launched in Japan on 24 April 2020.

President Sunrise Makoto Asanuma said that the Studio is “still developing” new anime series, but obviously it needs to include the events of the manga, which was published from 1982 to 1990. “Fans will be aware of this new anime. adaptation project at least the appearance of detail, ” – said in a statement on Facebook.

44-second teaser trailer shows an astronaut with the emblem of the Soviet Union, carrying a skateboard, although Otomo noted that the main character, apparently, American. Anime News Network writes that she needs to be more fantastic than strictly science fiction.

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